Should You Outsource Your Blog or Write It Yourself?

You’re considering using a content marketing campaign for your small business marketing plan. So, the shortest, simplest, and most effective answer to the question of who should be writing the articles on your website is, well…


You are the person who knows your product or service best. And potential customers will be more likely to trust you if they like your content.

However, you may not be a writer. Or you may simply not have the time and energy to do everything yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with that. If you think like an entrepreneur, there are absolutely benefits to having a team at your disposal.

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Rarely Alone

Most of the time, successful entrepreneurs may be the frontmen (or women) of their own financial success. But the harsh reality is that they haven’t earned their success on their own.

In most cases, there are other people behind the scenes who took part in making that success a reality. And the entrepreneur wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without them.

Think about it. What does it take to actually launch and successfully market a small business in this day and age?

You need a quality product or service, sure. But you also need copywriting, graphic and web design, to understand marketing analytics for PPC or PPM campaigns, SEO optimization, link building campaigns, a social media marketing strategy coupled with a content marketing strategy, which ties into a branding strategy.

They all go hand-in-hand with each other, yet are completely separate things.

Manage Your Time and Energy Efficiently

It’s entirely possible for an entrepreneur to handle that kind of a workload all on their own. However, it’s incredibly hard and often cripplingly inconvenient. They’d have to be working almost round the clock, full-time, in order to build the loyal followings they need to make a realistic living with their entrepreneurial ventures.

If you acknowledge that you’re both a human and a company, you suddenly open yourself up to the stories of entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Ingvar Kamprad

They may have been the frontmen of their accomplishments, but they actually had an army behind them.

The free market does. not. care. about what your excuses are for being small-time. It doesn’t care about your feelings, or how much of your heart you put into your work. The bitter truth is that, yes, consumers judge your business in the same way they would any other business. No matter how big or small it is.

So, going back to the original statement of this article: yes, the best person to write the content of your article marketing campaign would ideally be you.

However, if you understand the importance of a team, entrusting your content marketing efforts to a professional (who’s not just a writer, but one who knows how to write for Internet marketing strategy, e.g. SEO) is a completely valid method of freeing yourself the time.

This allows you to use your strengths in other areas of the business. You can market yourself in other ways, improve your customer service, or further work on your product or service.

When Employing a Marketing Team

If you’re currently active in a full-time job in addition to building your own business, don’t expect to have the energy and time it takes to develop a product or service and market it full-time. Especially if you have a family and/or if you plan on having any kind of a life. It’ll take time before you reach the point where you’re actually making the sales that you want.

Or, you may have the time and energy, but simply desire better time-management (since time is money too). Then, treating your entrepreneurial venture as such is the way to go. And hiring staff is a natural part of the process.

This means that once you draw up a plan, have it reviewed by a professional. Or have one drawn up for you. Then, outsource your article writing efforts to either a marketing agency or a skilled content writer. 

Hire the right people, and lead your marketing team the same way any other entrepreneur would. Hold them accountable to an editorial calendar and schedule their posts in advance.

Though do be careful, as with virtually any aspect of what you buy in life: you get what you pay for.

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