OMI Firm began as a small startup in a studio apartment in China. There were four founders; two of them, including the CEO, were American.

The company overcame many struggles in the beginning. From the severe sickness of key teammates to the loss of others.

However, we’ve evolved over time. We started by taking small jobs. Then, as we gained credibility and positive reviews over time, we took on progressively larger contracts, reinvested into ourselves, and thus evolved.

TEam MeMbers

The core team of OMI Firm consists of people from all around the globe.

Mike Norton

CEO & Lead Strategist
Mike develops the conceptual design of all marketing, content, brand, and investment strategies, as well as project and team management for accomplishing goals.

Polina Ivanova

PR Manager
Polina takes responsibility for public relations, social media management, and paid advertising.

Dimple Ramchandani

Content Writer, Marketing Researcher
Dimple assists with content development such as blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, website copywriting, as well as marketing research.

Aleksandra Andric

Graphic Designer
Aleksandra helps with graphic design such as logo, infographic, e-book, and other visual material development.

Rikki Justin Go

Lead Database Manager
Rikki aids with lead generation and any outbound efforts in tandem with paid advertising, influencer marketing, and link-building.

Karina Norton

Executive Assistant
Karina manages white hat link-building, on-page SEO, and content marketing efforts.

Solve your business puzzles with a marketing strategist.


Here is our guiding philosophy. With it, you should gain a clear idea of what it’s like to work with us.

We respect your intelligence. This is why we don’t use shallow status imagery in our content. The best business relationships we’ve formed have also been the longest. We often develop friendships with our clients outside of work. Our clients are entrepreneurs who know better.


There’s not a single decision we make that we’re not willing to explain to you. This philosophy carries over into both the marketing we do for ourselves, and what we do for you. We like having a social relationship with you, in which we talk about each step of each process.


We rarely make mistakes. However, when we do, we’re the first to take responsibility for them. It is the fact that we take responsibility for our own actions is the reason why you can trust us with your campaign.


We understand that we’re experts in our respective industry. However, that doesn’t make us smarter or better than you. We just have technical knowledge that you may not. Though, we never need to a reminder that you are the captain of the ship.


Sometimes, we may tell you something about your branding or initial vision that you may not like. In the rare event that we do so, it is not because we’re taking ownership of your vision. It would only be because we may understand something about your target audience that you may not. At all times, though, it is the wellbeing of your brand that we have at heart.


We believe in demonstration by example. Thus, the same strategies and tactics we’ll recommend to you, we use for ourselves. This trains us to be as resourceful as possible with funding capital, which reflects in your ROI. You know for certain that we wouldn’t do anything with your brand that we wouldn’t do for ourselves.