Norton’s Formula of Universal Marketing Mechanics

Holy crap!

I was in the midst of developing a strategy for my latest client: a VC funded FinTech startup for crypto technology. I worked roughly 9 to 10 hours per day until I ran into brain fog.

I felt tired this morning, because I had worked through the weekend. In fact, I’m still going to work tonight, and through the rest of this week.

Coffee’s been my best friend. But there was a point, this morning, when I felt a steep drop in my energy. So, naturally, I decided to lay down and maybe take a nap.

I couldn’t fall asleep completely, but I entered what was likely theta state.

And check this out! You know how Bohr came up with one unifying equation that summed up the foundation of all that we know for quantum physics?

I had a mental breakthrough in that I realized that I could write one unifying equation for all of Internet marketing. Not nearly as huge an accomplishment as Bohr, of course, but still…I’ve been studying marketing for five years. I’ve personally helped to build over 70 businesses (that you can track publicly). I’ve won two different awards in global internet marketing campaigns as well as online campaign development.

…I’ve listened to people such as GaryV, Alex Becker, Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez, etc.

…and even though they all have their own ways of expressing their approaches to marketing, there is, indeed, a unifying mathematical expression for the pattern which sums up everything and every approach they take.

Michael Norton’s Formula of Universal Marketing Mechanics

Check it out:

t(Cim a) = R

The formula of universal marketing mechanics explained in simple English: The targeting of content raised to the emotional power of its contextual incentive over a specific channel naturally joined to a call to action leads to your result.

That’s it. That’s all. Years of studying, hard work, endless courses, thousands of dollars spent in mentoring…

…One sentence. One equation.

When I showed my wife, she was like, “What?”

Then, to prove it, I took different things different people said in different industries and showed her different mathematical exercises playing with the concepts.

From the car industry, to the food industry, to software engineering firms, to anything marketed online…

…from television and web commercials, to blog content, to YouTube videos, everything…

…that’s it.

I was already in the process of publishing a book about marketing. But now, with this equation I just came up with this morning, I’ll demonstrate the exercises and thousands of ways you can break this equation down in my writing. For any industry.

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