Having an Authentic Authority in Your Marketing

Authentic authority is the concept of being worthy of the expertise that you project. We couldn’t tell you how many times per week we get a job invite from someone asking us to help them with this.

An effective-enough propagandist can make anyone seem like a genius. But the subject of the image, the client, will always expose themselves sooner or later if they’re not.

As time goes on, the average person is becoming more aware of trickery online. In the end, those that have genuine worthiness of their authority will win, every time.

You can buy a diploma mill degree, but you can’t fake the knowledge of its course. You can pay thousands for professional photography, but you can’t fake substance.

Consider The 4 Ps Of Marketing

The four Ps of marketing, also called “the marketing mix,” consist of the following:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Placement

You can use the marketing mix to help diagnose why a brand isn’t selling in its respective market. Most often, clients hold the marketing strategist responsible for the promotion and placement. This is a matter of Facebook advertising, link building, etc.

But understand that these are only half of the game. An entrepreneur may not want to change their pricing, but that may be exactly what they should do.

They may not want to admit that their product itself sucks, but that may be exactly what they should do. Doing so would enable them the mental freedom to change their product to succeed. All these are open to questioning when diagnosing a business’s marketing problems.

Being Worthy Of Your Market

The “product” element of the marketing mix is about being worthy of your market.

I can think of a strategy for marketing myself as a lawyer right off the top of my head. But that doesn’t make me a lawyer. That doesn’t mean I passed the bar exam.

I can dump tons of money into buying Harvey-Specter-style suits, with HD video and some scripted lines. But the moment you’d catch me live, or the moment I’d have to represent a real client, I’d fail. The service I’d be selling would be the problem. Or rather, my worthiness of the service I’m purporting to sell.

Thus, there’s only one true way to win the long-term game of marketing: Be who you say you are.

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