When Your Company Is the Success Others Need

Congratulations. You reached that first-tier earning benchmark, established your brand, and/or you were able to hire your first employee. You were able to overcome obstacles that you were not prepared for when you started your business.

Are you at a place where you could describe your journey with a 300-word story of how you started with a little bit of knowledge, and grew to have enough confidence to shake others’ hands and describe yourself as an entrepreneur?

Better yet, do you have the creativity to create a video to visualize your growth?

Give Yourself the Credit You Deserve

You may be downplaying this assignment.

If you’re thinking something along the lines of, “I was just doing what I had to do to succeed,” you are exactly the person who needs to put pen to paper and inspire others. Everyone has something that needs to be done. But sometimes, their minds are unable to make connections on how to reach a confident level of achievement.

Do you know how people are able to accomplish their goals when the mind is in the moment? Points in reality trigger previously coded images interpreted through their senses. That science if difficult to explain, but the concept is simple enough.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people go through the same challenges you do every day. Yet, there is only difference between you and those who have yet to say, “I did it”. It is a memory on your mind that formed because someone took the time to be with you and allow you to study what they did.

Do you think that the person you learned a skill from knew that skill without instruction through training or real-life experiences? They did not.

I can assure this is the case. Instead, they had to use a pattern learned from the past to act to maneuver in the present.

What if, as an entrepreneur, your job was not only to create a profit? What if it was to contribute to your economy beyond money through mentoring.

As a person who has set and achieved some monetary goals, you have a duty to your local economy to build a more stable, financial structure. And you can do that by improving others’ skills or contributing your own skill to their company.

Helping Others Succeed Doesn’t Have to Be for Free

I bet that you think that I am suggesting that you spend 40 hours a week volunteering on top of your job responsibilities to be an ‘upstanding citizen’. On the contrary, allow me to convey a very important bit of information: charity isn’t always free. It is being affordable for those who can use it.

Because you have experienced moments of defining success, or extraordinary failure, you understand patterns that other entrepreneurs in your city do not have time, or the fortitude, to learn. Do you, quite honestly, expect them to go through the same experiences you have, on top of their own, to know exactly what you know?

Or, will you have the social graces to offer your experience at a price that helps both of you survive?

At the end of the day, if you see someone who could use your help, offer a business card. Give them the choice to improve.

Allow your company to be the success others need.

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