7 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Most Popular CMS in the World

Nowadays, there are many Content Management Systems (CMS) available. While some CMS are more popular than others, only one of them is used on 30% of the world’s websites. WordPress.

WordPress has been around since 2013 and only keeps growing in popularity. It is still the fastest growing CMS with over 500 new websites being developed every day and over twenty users who hit the “Publish” button on a new post every second.

WordPress boasts a number of advantages which keep it ahead of the other CMS. Let’s have a look at the major factors that have helped WordPress maintain its supremacy.

Why Is WordPress the Most Popular CMS in the Word?

1. WordPress is Open-Source

This is the first reason WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, and three main advantages come with it.

Firstly, WordPress is free! Yes, completely free.

Anyone can download and use it. It doesn’t matter if you are a private individual, a small business, or an enterprise. WordPress is freely available to all. So, if you need to save money from the start, this is the perfect solution to look at.

WordPress is open-source, which means that the original source code is freely available. Anyone can redistribute and modify it. This also means that WordPress is unrestricted and that your content is safe from moderation or deletion as there are no policies to adhere to.

With WordPress, you have complete ownership over your content, and it puts the power of publishing in your hands.

Developers regularly update WordPress and keep it up-to-date with evolving technology. This is due to an incredible community of professionals continually contributing to its growth.

2. Completely Customizable

The scale for application is immense. WordPress is built to be fully customizable, so you can create any type of website. This is due to the ongoing updates of the WordPress core, plugins, themes, and other tools that provide feature-rich functionality which enables you to customize everything from the appearance of your website to the way your users connect with you.

3. Themes and Templates

Templates and themes address the look and feel of your website. As discussed in our previous article, the importance of an aesthetically pleasing website cannot be overstated.

Although custom designed websites offer unique designs that are tailor-made to suit your every need and requirement, they will cost more than using a template.

For the private individual or small business that is just starting and have very little capital, WordPress offers ready designed templates that you can install and start adding your content too in no time.

Templates come in all shapes and sizes, and with the availability of first-class premium themes at a modest price, you are spoilt for choice.

4. A Plugin for This, a Plugin for That

The plugin is pure power. Plugins enable you to add value to your WordPress website by providing additional functionality. Additional functionality includes contact forms, social media sharing, interactive galleries, portfolios, website stats, SEO tools, loading times, etc.

Without a doubt, there is a plugin for almost anything you want to do on your website.

Plugins are developed by professionals, companies, as well as amateurs and hobbyists. This ensures constant availability of premium and free plugins that are in continuous development and receive updates by the WordPress community.

5. Limit the Constant Need for Professional Website Designers and Developers

Although the value of professional website designers and developers cannot be stressed enough, especially in today’s competitive online environment, WordPress does help mitigate the constant need to run to professionals for to make updates and changes to your website.

Once the creation of a WordPress website is complete, it is as easy to update sections of it as it is to make changes to a document in a Word editor. Therefore, anyone can make changes without knowing how to code. This is the beauty of the Content Management System, as well as another reason that makes WordPress the most popular CMS.

Updating text, contact details, images, or creating more content like new pages, galleries, or blog posts does not require technical web design skills. This puts all the content control in your hands. 24/7 and from virtually anywhere in the world.

6. SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for websites. The better a website’s SEO is, the better the chances of gaining higher rankings from search results from search engines such as Google.

The great thing is, search engines love WordPress! Search engines crawl and index WordPress websites more often and more accurately than websites on other platforms.

This is due to the fact that WordPress has simple and easy code. This code helps search engines to easily index website content.

WordPress also has a Ping feature that automatically notifies search engines whenever new content or existing content is updated. Voilà!

7. No Language Barriers

Although the majority (close to 70%) of WordPress, and indeed all other, websites are in English, WordPress has been translated into more than 60 languages.

This enables website publishing in many different languages and adds the advantage of keeping content relevant to the global community.

Other Key Features

Mobile Ready: WordPress is responsive to all devices from desktop to mobile portrait view. No need to design a separate website for these.

Quick Install: It takes minutes to install WordPress and it’s just as quick to install other software like themes and plugins.

Speed and Volume: The speed of your WordPress website is not affected by the volume of your website. In other words, more pages and posts will not decrease your site’s speed.

Multi-user and Multi-blogging: No need for a one-man-show, WordPress enables you to set up a hierarchy of team members to accomplish specific tasks.

Huge WordPress Community: Because WordPress is the most popular CMS, it’s community is massive, dynamic, and ever growing. If you ever experience a problem or seek advice, you can get help from the large variety of WordPress forums or web design agencies specializing in WordPress.

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