Having a product or service is one thing; marketing it is another.

Read this FREE white paper that explains the four key, universal steps to building a profitable following for any brand online.

People won’t buy from you unless you follow these four principles.

Who Is The Writer?

Michael Norton is an award-winning marketing strategist who’s been consulting both large corporations and small businesses worldwide for over six years.

He’s an expert in consumer psychology, which branches off into other, key, supporting skills. His strengths are in five areas:

  1. Develop, executing, and managing marketing strategies
  2. Abstract business puzzle-solving
  3. Copywriting for paid advertising
  4. Competitor & market research
  5. Team/Project management

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An Easy, No-Fluff Read

It doesn’t take a genius to understand marketing’s core principles.

However, turning what may seem like easily understandable principles into realistic action steps for generating sales is typically a complicated problem for most entrepreneurs. Most fail.


…because it takes a masterful understanding of consumer psychology to apply the principles well enough to generate real profit.

There are plenty of long, boring, jargonistic tomes you can find online that will drag you through the same concepts.

But they all have a secret:

They were written that way because their writers wanted to sound smarter than they really are.

This white paper is different; it puts things simply and eloquently.

Expressed by a man who truly understands his craft.

The human mind is complicated.

This explanation of how to drive it to buy from you is not.

Your branding is the foundation of your sales.

Key questions it’s Michael’s job to answer:

  1. How can I make my launch have the most impact?
  2. How do I improve my conversion rates and sales?
  3. How can I scale my content production and repurposing?
  4. How can I increase my company’s following?
  5. How should our copywriting be worded, with what imagery, color psychology, and why?
  6. How can I organize my team for the highest ROI?

Michael doesn’t gamble with companies’ futures; he professionally counts their marketing cards.

Entrepreneurial Award Nominations:

Don’t take his word for it.

Here’s what some of his previous clients have had to say:

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The right choice for many businesses:

  1. Over 90 businesses and entrepreneurs have reached their goals using his premium services.
  2. He has won multiple awards in the field of Digital Marketing from Full Sail University.
  3. He has over 6 years of experience in marketing management for different companies from around the world.

Awards From Full Sail University:

      1. Online Campaign Development, 2016
      2. Internet Marketing Strategies, 2016

He uses Upwork as a safe and credible escrow:

Basically, Michael is extremely qualified to write a thing or two about marketing strategy.