What We Do

View the video below to gain an understanding of our services:

Whom we serve

Mike is a specialist in consumer psychology, which puts him at the center of Internet marketing. We offer our services to three archetypal clients.
Marketing Firms

We are a marketing firm, but we don’t look at most other marketing firms as competition. Instead, we’re always open to partnering opportunities and white labeling our skills.


Startups often need all the help they can get. Resources are always tight. The founders may need guidance achieving their starting goals. Or, they may need someone they can delegate responsibilities to.

Established Corporations

Even the bigger guys need to bring in outside help every once in a while. It’s a myth that high-level executives have all the solutions to every business puzzle. We can come in to help them achieve their goals for the quarter.

Achieve your revenue goals with a marketing strategist.

Marketing strategy

Our marketing strategies are step-by-step action plans. You use them as a guide in accomplishing your goals for the quarter.


Social media marketing

We service all major platform to drive brand awareness and sales. We treat your fans like human beings. This makes them love you and loyal to you.


Link-Building & SEO

We build relationships with websites that have the audience you need. Then, we get them to link back to your website in different ways.

Paid advertising

Social media ads are highly effective ways to drive fast, controllable results. You can rely on us to consult you, or manage the account itself.



Everyone has their personal hero, the celebrity they’re willing to listen to. We reach out to them for you, and establish an advertising relationship.


content management

Content is at the heart of any Internet marketing strategy. You can rely on us to help you scale your content marketing efforts.