Security Policy

Our Security Policy Is Subject To Change

As our company evolves, we may update this security policy over time. Changes will be made available through the News section of our website. Posts in this section pertaining to our security policy will be made available on all of the social media channels we use, including our e-mail lists.

The Steps We Take To Secure The Website

We at OMI Firm use different techniques to protect information on this website. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Cloaking permalinks
  • Utilizing SSL protocols
  • Automated site-scanning for malware and backdoors
  • Peer-reviewed plugins for site development
  • Trusted site certification processes

The Steps We’ll Take In The Event Of Any Detected Breach

We acknowledge that no system on the Internet is perfectly secure. In the unexpected event that a breach of any kind is detected, you will be notified by posts made in the News section of this website. That post will then be shared on all of the social media channels that we utilize, as well as our e-mailing lists.

After, the site will be temporarily shut down until a thorough investigation is completed and the site is made secure once again.