Our Team


Here are the people behind our years of success

Our firm has evolved greatly throughout the years.

We don’t prioritize diversity; we prioritize equal opportunity for the best ideas, which leads to a diverse staff as an externality.

Leveraging task-management and private chat software, as well as cloud servers for file-sharing, we accomplish our goals by accomplishing our clients’.

Our founder may develop the marketing strategy your entrepreneurial venture needs, but he may not always be able to execute the entire strategy alone.

When he needs help, here’s the expert team he relies on.


Aleksandra Adric

Graphic Designer

Aleksandra creates logos, graphics, and various marketing materials.


Dimple Ramchandani

Executive Assistant

Dimple is responsible for a wide range of tasks such as content development, social media management, and more.


Artem Budnyk

Outreach Specialist

Artem helps with managing customer relations as well as developing social media influencer lists.


Polina Ivanova

Paid Advertising and Social Media Manager

Polina assists with social media channel management and paid advertising efforts.

Build Your Brand

Branding is the foundation of your sales.

Build a strong one.

You may be able to cold sell some products or services in the short-term. However, if you want to maximize sales over the long-term, you’ll need to build genuine relationships with repeat customers you can warm sell to.

We’ll help you accomplish that.