OMI Firm Is Expanding into the Stock Market

I’m proud to announce that on June 1st, OMI Firm is expanding into the stock market.

I published a post on NortonsMind a few years ago about a stock algorithm I wrote when I was in the Middle East. I noticed a pattern between what Bohr did to predict the unpredictability of quantum particles and the Fermi equations used to predict blast power.

To use examples, so that I don’t just sound like I’m trying to sound “smart,” take, for instance, a video-game stock. Let’s say you open a trading account, such as with Sharebuilder (now ETrade). If you check the history of the game company’s stock, you’ll see where there are spikes and drops in their chart. 

How to Predict Spikes and Drops in the Stock Market

If you do a little detective work, you can discover why that spike occurred (at least, in many cases). Perhaps a press release came out that day that linked the brand to a celebrity. The stock could have spiked for countless reasons. It takes due diligence and puzzle-solving to figure it out with a slight margin of error.

Once you do that, though, I figured out how to write my own Fermi equation for predicting the outcome of future spikes. If you have access to the company’s shareholder meetings or investor relations packets, in which you discover what their plan is for release dates and whatnot, you can moderately estimate when, why, and how much the stock is going to spike.

Nothing is set in stone. There is always a margin of error. But I realized that you could, indeed, predict certain stocks like Bohr wrote an equation to predict the actions of different quantum particles.

The equation, like the one I wrote for Universal Marketing Mechanics, would have to change with the stock (because not every industry is the same). But, it can, indeed, be done.

I made $600 on the release of PlayStation 4’s Metal Gear Solid 4 (by Konami), and I funded a trip through Ireland with the same formula during a tiny stock experiment with Glu Mobile, after they released their Taylor Swift game.

A New Stage for OMI

The reason why I couldn’t make more was that I didn’t have that kind of capital to work with. You can only make a profit based on a percentage of what you put in, and I was bootstrapping at the time with heavy unpredictability. 

Now, not so much. This quarter, OMI has met its fundraising goal. So, we’re about to start expanding into the stock market, buying into other public companies to expand our assets and market ownership.

I’m really excited. Unless there’s a specific holdup that we haven’t anticipated, we begin June 1st. 🙂 I’m ecstatic!

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