8 Common Landing Page Mistakes You Should Avoid

Landing pages are an essential element in any advertising campaign. When designed well, they connect with your target audience on an emotional level and funnel them into becoming paid customers. Yet, if you get them wrong, your marketing campaigns will eventually fail, wasting your advertising budget. Unfortunately, this is very common. Businesses often make the same landing page mistakes that prevent them from generating quality leads.

However, before you jump into troubleshooting your landing pages, make sure that you know what you want to accomplish with them. It will prevent you from making even more mistakes in the process.

Desired Landing Page Outcomes

A few of the outcomes of a well-structured landing page include:

  • Grow your e-mail subscriber list
  • Give out a discount code or coupon
  • Encourage a free trial
  • Promote an online course
  • Boost attendance for a webinar
  • Sell a product or service
  • Give away a consultation or demo

Keeping your desired outcome in mind will help you ensure that the copywriting of your landing pages is coherent.

Now, let’s take a look at the most common landing page mistakes and how you can avoid them.

How to Avoid Common Landing Page Mistakes

1. Unclear Landing Page Layout 

When creating your landing pages, keep in mind how a visitor would navigate through them. If they see a cluttered page layout when they click, they will be confused. The most likely scenario is that they will exit the page in a matter of seconds! 

A minimalistic layout with the necessary information will convey your message more effectively.

Remember: You want people to take some sort of action immediately after arriving on your landing page without having to dig around for an answer. Too many text blocks, images, and other elements crammed into a page can only lead to a poor user experience.

2. Too Much Text & Bad Typography 

When you have too much text on your landing page, it can discourage visitors from taking action. 

You know the adage “less is more”? This definitely applies to a landing page because you aim for visitors to go through all of it. One of the best copywriting tips is to deliver your offer in a concise way and avoid the “fluff”.

As for the typography, it’s best to choose a font that is easily readable. Besides the aesthetic element that it adds to your page, a font helps deliver the message to your target audience. Fonts such as Georgia, Montserrat, or Helvetica are a few of the most commonly used fonts because they are highly readable.

Remember to use the fonts of your branding guidelines for a consistent brand image.

3. Lack of Visuals Elements

If visual elements such as banners and videos are not part of your landing page, you don’t convert as many visitors as you could! 

Adding a video to your page will significantly boost your engagement and conversion rates. Video is considered the type of content that people consume the most. In fact, an explainer video on your landing page, your chances of increasing conversions jump to 80%. 

4. Poorly Written Copy

Your copy is the text encouraging the visitor to take action and look for more information about your offer. If it’s poorly written, it won’t convey the message in a clear and persuasive way. Even if your landing page looks professional, ineffective copy won’t convert visitors to leads. 

5. Too Many CTAs Or No CTAs

If a visitor clicks on your landing page, they expect to find out more about your offer. If they are unsure about the next step, it’s almost certain that they will leave the page. 

This often happens with landing pages without a clear and visible CTA or even too many CTAs. Every landing page should serve one purpose and be tied to one business objective. 

For example, if you created a landing page in order to promote a digital product, the CTA could look like “Buy Now” and directly lead to the product page you want to promote. If you add more CTAs to include more than one business goal, it will confuse the visitor and even drive them away from your offer. 

6. Lack of Social Proof (Testimonials)

People are more likely to complete a purchase after reviewing the feedback from previous clients. In fact, 93% of customers will read online reviews before buying! 

If your landing page lacks testimonials, this means that 93 out of 100 visitors may not trust you with their money or time. 

7. Not Optimized for Mobile

It goes without saying that if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you will lose a lot of potential clients. 

According to the latest statistics, 79% of smartphone users completed an online purchase in the last 6 months. 

What happens when you can’t even access something as simple as customer support because the link is designed for desktop users? Not only will conversions decrease, but also the number of leads and customers will decrease!

8. Slow Page Loading Speed

You may have heard that people will leave a webpage if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. This is even more important for a landing page, so speed matters a lot! 

Using too many large visual elements or other features can weigh the loading down. As a result, people will exit your page before they even learn about your offer. 


Landing pages are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, but they can be tricky to get right. If you want your landing page to convert as many visitors into customers as possible, avoid making these common mistakes.

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