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Founded In 2014

OMI (pronounced “Oh-me” ) is a marketing and investment firm that specializes in business startups.

Our mission is to improve the economies of target countries. We accomplish this by sharing knowledge and skills to assist entrepreneurs.

We build businesses in three ways: servicing, educational support, and equity investing.


We service businesses by developing and executing marketing strategies for them. This is typically hands-off for them; we take responsibility for results unique to their business we agree upon beforehand.


Our blog content, as well as digital items (e.g. white papers, e-books, courses, etc.) target newer entrepreneurs who typically cannot afford contracting us directly. Generalist marketing information is typically released for free; specific, niche, industry-specific, marketing strategies and skill-based training are typically not.


With some clients, we may reinvest a percentage of our revenue into buying shares of those companies for the long-term. This establishes long-term relationships with them.

As their businesses grow, we grow with them.


A throwback.
An old picture of the first attempt at launching our marketing firm. Back then it was known as Tenka International.
Depicted is Mike Norton, walking the original members through a marketing strategy for one of our first clients, before we evolved in professionalism, education, and skill.

OMI Firm began as a small startup in a studio apartment in China. There were four founders; two of them, including the CEO, were American.

The company overcame many struggles in the beginning. From the severe sickness of key teammates to the loss of others.

However, we’ve evolved over time.

We started by taking small jobs. Then, as we gained credibility and positive reviews over time, we took on progressively larger contacts, reinvested into ourselves, and thus evolved.




Our Skills

Marketing & Branding Strategy: 95%
Link-Building & SEO: 87%
Influencer Marketing: 80%
Social Media Management: 91%
Content Management: 92%
Paid Advertising: 91%

The numbers above should be taken as a subjective representation of what branches of marketing we feel the most comfortable performing in.


We specialize in answering the following questions:

  1. How can I make my launch have the most impact?
  2. How do I improve my conversion rates?
  3. How can I scale my content production and repurposing?
  4. How can I increase my following?
  5. How can I organize my team for the highest ROI?


This number is determined by the third-party:


It fluctuates throughout the year, but has remained consistent at this average for the past six years. Anyone can fake reviews on their website; we’ve relied on a credible, international third-party to verify ours.

Top Rated+

Achieve Your Revenue Goals

Having a product or service is one thing; marketing is another.

You may have written the next American classic novel, but that would mean nothing if it remains in a drawer. You may have written the greatest software ever used, but that would mean nothing if it remains on your desktop.

Work with us.



Our values aren’t just some words on a website we filled in to look good; we mean them.

We hire and fire by them.

We accept or reject clients by them.

In order to maintain the integrity of our claims, we’ve had to sacrifice lots of profit to third-party mediators over the years as we’ve built the reputation of our brand.

Therein, when we say that we have, on average, a 95% client success rate, you don’t have to take our word for it; take the word of the neutral third-party.

While we cannot guarantee any specific number of sales, here’s what we can guarantee:

Your business will be better off having contracted us than not, or your money back given what we contractually agree upon beforehand in your specific case.

Here are the six tenants of our firm’s code of honor.

We shall not break them:


We respect your intelligence. This is why we don’t use shallow status imagery in our content. The best business relationships we’ve formed have also been the longest. We often develop friendships with our clients outside of work. Our clients are entrepreneurs who know better.


There’s not a single decision we make that we’re not willing to explain to you. This philosophy carries over into both the marketing we do for ourselves, and what we do for you. We like having a social relationship with you, in which we talk about each step of each process.


We rarely make mistakes. However, when we do, we’re the first to take responsibility for them. It is the fact that we take responsibility for our own actions is the reason why you can trust us with your campaign.


We understand that we’re experts in our respective industry. However, that doesn’t make us smarter or better than you. We just have technical knowledge that you may not. Though, we never need a reminder that you are the captain of the ship.


Sometimes, we may tell you something about your branding or initial vision that you may not like. In the rare event that we do so, it is not because we’re taking ownership of your vision. It would only be because we may understand something about your target audience that you may not. At all times, though, it is the wellbeing of your brand that we have at heart.


We believe in demonstration by example. Thus, the same strategies and tactics we’ll recommend to you, we use for ourselves. This trains us to be as resourceful as possible with funding capital, which reflects in your ROI. You know for certain that we wouldn’t do anything with your brand that we wouldn’t do for ourselves.


  • Full Sail University, 2016
    • Global Internet Marketing Strategies
    • Online Campaign Development


  • Entrepreneur Magazine, 2018
    • “360 Award For Impact”
  • Inc. Magazine, 2018
    • “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”
  • Fast Company Magazine, 2019
    • “Most Innovative Companies”


  • Hubspot Inbound Certification, 2017
  • Google Ads Certification, 2019
  • SEMRush SEO Fundamentals Certification, 2019

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The difference between a genius and an acknowledged genius is marketing.

Too often do brilliant people develop solutions that never reach the audience that would appreciate them most.

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