Our Story


Lifting Our Civilization


“Marketing your product is one thing, but if you advertise your mission instead, people will follow your brand for that mission’s sake. Your products or services would therein be the proof that you are accomplishing it, and that’s what they’ll become loyal to you for, not any one singular product itself.”

OMI Firm almost never came to be. Mike Norton, our leading founder and CEO, first had to overcome a series of extremely painful and personal struggles. Both as a military veteran and as a civilian vagabond, he’s traveled the world, evolving as a character over years of self-reflection. Our company’s mission is inspired by Mike’s past:


Our mission is to lift our civilization by improving the economies of target communities by sharing marketing knowledge and skills to assist entrepreneurs.

OMI Firm stands for “Odéas Marketing & Investing,” a title partially inspired by ancient Nordic culture. We started by securing simple graphic design and copywriting projects via freelancer websites like Elance (now on Upwork). Since, we have evolved into a full-service marketing firm for both startups, established corporations, and other marketing firms open to partnership.