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Having a product or service is one thing; marketing it is another. Good marketing starts at sales and works backward. Contract a marketing strategist to consult you or your team, today.

Our Awards

We’ve won two awards from Full Sail University:

One in global Internet marketing strategies; the other in online campaign development.

Our nominations

2018, Entrepreneur Magazine “360 Award For Impact”

2018, Inc. Magazine “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”

2019, Fast Company Magazine “Most Innovative Companies”


2019, Google AdWords Certified

2017, Hubspot Inbound Certification

Build your business with a marketing strategist.

Our services

We offer six major services you need to grow your brand:

Marketing Strategy

We develop step-by-step marketing strategies for you to follow to increase sales. You receive a PDF covering multiple dimensions of research.

Link-Building & SEO

We research your target audience’s psychology. Then, we build a list of quality websites that are between you and your target audience for reach and domain rank.

Influencer Marketing

We gain insight on who your target audience listens to and respects the most. Then, we reach out to those influencers and strike deals for them to endorse your brand.

Social media marketing

With a strong flow of content, we build your audience on different social media channels. Then, we drive traffic and sales from that audience.

Paid advertising

We drive traffic and sales from different paid advertising platforms. We have experience with Google AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter paid advertising.

Content management

We’ll manage a team of content developers to write content, construct images, and more. The content will fuel any other aspect of marketing, such as branding and advertising.

Follow our videos on Mike Norton’s theory of “Universal Marketing Mechanics”

Company Information

OMI (pronounced “Oh-me”) is a marketing and investment firm that specializes in business startups. Our mission is to improve the economies of target countries. We do this by sharing knowledge and skills to assist entrepreneurs.

We build businesses in two ways: servicing and equity investing.

We service businesses by developing and executing marketing strategies. This generates shorter-term income for both our clients and ourselves.

Then, we reinvest a percentage of our revenue into buying shares of companies. Many of the companies we buy into are our own clients.

This establishes long-term relationships with clients. As their businesses grow, we grow with them.

Our History

The history of OMI is sad and grueling, yet inspiring. Usually, businesses start at the local level with a bootstrap budget. Then, evolve to the international level over years.

We, instead, not only started at the international level with a shoestring budget. We overcame many odds that businesses don’t usually have to.

What We Have Done

Over the past five years, we’ve harnessed our skills to answer these five questions:

1. How can I make my launch have the most impact?

2. How do I improve my conversion rates?

3. How can I scale my content production and repurposing?

4. How can I increase my following?

5. How can I organize my team for the highest ROI?


What We Do

Building a business is hard work. At some point, you’re going to run into a roadblock. We help you break through your plateaus with the following six skills:

Marketing Strategy & Branding:


Link-Building & SEO:


Influencer Marketing:


Social Media Marketing:


Paid Advertising:


Content Management:


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